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Thats right people,

The new Beast for Kodi 17, all versions of Kodi 17 has now been UPDATED and is totally awesome and packed with all working addons yet again for your enjoyment.  This release is a lot smaller in size and a hell of a lot faster as well and Chris has done a fantastic job on this release for us all. Again we have to thank @ChrisB for this magnificent build, @Tech Timeruuu for our wizards. We now have updates for all our builds 17.3 and 17.4 in our wizards including our forums own build The Royalist.

Please remember though that Addons come and go and somedays work and other days not as this is the world of Kodi and it seems its going to be like this for a while as the powers try their best to stop us doing what we do best. As of today all addons on the new release are working 100% but we all know things change and this is another reason why we do our best and keep updating so you all have the latest working addons for your enjoyment.

So on with the install people and enjoy The Best Build.

The VIDEO GUIDE for this is near the bottom of this post.


Register at https://thebeast1.com (UK Server) or https://thebeast2.com (US Server)

Add a username, email address and password then click Register

PLEASE NOTE when you are registering only use letters and numbers ( apart from the @ in your email )

and do not use any symbols what so ever like ( !#$%^&*()_+?>< ).

After the registration notification appears "Thank you for registering with us. Please  log in to continue." select  log in

Enter the email password you used in the first step and click Log in

You'll see the Name you chose, your chosen email, and verify. Select Verify –  DO NOT MISS THIS PART

You will see weather icons. Wait for it to end. Log in for the last time: If you see  VERIFIED next to your chosen email, you've registered successfully. You  WILL NOT receive any emails. That has not been in place for months.

Registration Complete, Open Kodi to Install the Latest BEAST update for KODI 16/17

-From KODI Home Screen > Add-ons > Settings (Gear symbol), top left
 >Enable Unknown Sources.

BACK to KODI HOME screen > Settings (Gear Symbol), top left 
 > File Manager 
 > Add Source.

Select None

Type the following  EXACTLY http://thebeast1.com/repo/ and select Done OR

For the USA source please use http://thebeast2.com/repo – but you must sign up at http://thebeast2.com for this

(If one doesn't work, try the other, but you must register and enter the same one)

Highlight the box underneath that says repo, clear it and type beast & Select OK

Go back to your Home Screen

Add-Ons > Click Open box in top left corner (Add-on Browser) 

Select Install from zip file

Select The Beast or whatever name you typed.

Select  repository.beast

Select repository.beast-xxx.zip *(where xxx is the version number)*

Go back and select install from repository and choose The Beast Repository

Go to Program add-ons and select either  The Beast Wizard U.K. or  The Beast Wizard U.S. depending on where you are.

After making your selection click  Install

The Beast Wizard pop up will greet you with a message and an option to the  Build Menu

Click on  Build Menu

You will need to enter your email and password you just created by clicking on  Enter Details

Select the build you wish to install from this wizard -Make sure to chose Most Recent Dated Build

Click where it says  CLICK TO UPDATE

Click  Yes, Install

The Beast will start to download

After the download completes the build will start extracting.

After extraction just click OK and click on Yes, Close. launch Kodi, wait 1-3 minutes for build to finish updating.


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