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    There will be zero tolerance for bashing, bullying a member. Do not post any type of video in the forums ( You will get a warning and then eventually you will get banned if continue to do so ) No soliciting. Do not ask to purchase any services, we do not sell anything. No Pornography of any kind anywhere. Outside links should always be coded. Be nice to others and help your fellow member. Post your problem in the relevant sections of the forum so others can join in the discussion as well as other members that may be having the same problems can also follow. Please do NOT Hijack threads with different issues to the OP (original post)... if you have a different issue please create a new thread/topic. Also please read this post as well Rules might change without prior notice, it is up to you to keep checking this post.
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    Ares wizard is a great little program add-on which has a wealth of features from installing builds, add-ons, repo's. Its also a great program for maintenance (clearing thumbnails, cache, purging packages etc.).... There's also a handy little setting in the tweaks section for adjusting the cache size (to available ram) this may help a lot of people out with some buffering issues. one of their admin team tekto (tony) has done a very nice in depth guide to all the features here. http://www.tekto-kodi.com/kodi-how-to-tutorials/ares-wizard-guide/
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    BT http://bt.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/44328/~/switching-smart-setup-on-and-off-on-the-bt-home-hub-4-or-hub-5 VIRGIN http://help.virginmedia.com/system/selfservice.controller?CONFIGURATION=1001&VM_CUSTOMER_TYPE=Cable&CMD=VIEW_ARTICLE&ARTICLE_ID=111904&SIDE_LINK_TOPIC_ID=1001&SIDE_LINK_SUB_TOPIC_ID=101821&SUBTOPIC_NAME=%5B05%5DWeb%20Safe SKY http://help.sky.com/articles/sky-broadband-shield-explained TALK TALK http://help2.talktalk.co.uk/how-use-talktalk-homesafe%C2%AE
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    This is a nice feature to be able to add Exodus to the Royalists spotlight: Step 1: Launch Exodus and go to whatever section you want ( Most Viewed/ Latest Movies ) displayed on the spotlight. Step 2: Bring up the context menu/press left and scroll down to where it says "Set Custom Widget Path" Step 3: Add it to any of the 4 widgets available. Step 5: Go to System / Skin Settings / Customize Main Menu / Select Movies and Select Widget and here select the widget that you want. Another way would be to type it all like so: Step 1: System / Skin Settings / and go to Widgets and on Custom widget 1 type the following: In Theaters: plugin://plugin.video.exodus/?action=movies&url=theaters Latest Movies: plugin://plugin.video.exodus/?action=movies&url=featured Most Popular: plugin://plugin.video.exodus/?action=movies&url=popular The same procedure goes for Tv Shows.
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    yes I can agree with that also a friend of mine had some stuff working and some not and it was his ISP so check out this link as it may also help you
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    You can install log uploader and then have it emailed to you.
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    Gunna need some guidance
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    Hello there and welcome to the forum, we are a friendly bunch so please do not be afraid to join in or ask for help. See you around the Forum The Mixdoctor
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    follow this video Steve mate.... no pin needed.... once you've installed Spartan wizard... go to it instead of clicking it just highlight it and press the context menu button on your remote (button with 3 lines on it) go to add-on settings you'll see where to put your signup email and password then
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    Hi all! Signed up so I can post on the forum as I have read over a few threads and cannot seem to find an answer to my issue. Registered an account on Spartanpixel and verified my email , tried to set up the beast via a Youtube tutorial as you do and became stuck at one of the first hurdles. "Authentication failure" apparently I need to log in, which I thought I was. I even tried to debug log in although someone will probably tell me that wasn't needed. Then I figured maybe its not recognising my account because I was logging in on an incognito window so I moved over to my main window and now its not recognising my email address when I log in or when I try to submit a reset password! Whats going onnnnn? Any help will be muchhh appreciated THANKS in advance!
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    how do you get to this
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    Yes you have to control it through PC... Got a smart phone? Download a remote ... Unified remote is quite good for a PC and smartphone as you can launch everything... Or if you run kodi on PC... Everything can be controlled using kodi very own remote kore
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    Hi there i am new to all this . Read some of the form as was stumped but thanks to yous got my firestick going. Thanks
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    Experienced members of this site are extremely helpful, would not have got started with the Beast then the Royalist with out their help! Thanks folks
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    I signed up and used the email and password that I created on the channelup site. It worked without any issues! Do you remember what you used during the initial sign up? If so use that email and pword combo and you should be good to go!
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    Hi BarbD Thanks for the reply, you are right, as you use Kodi whether with the Beast or the Royalist you do learn as you go along! It is reassuring that there are members such as you and Yummer to offer advice regarding the Beast and Techtimeruuu to give advice regarding the Royalist. regards broady2
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    Hi Grimmy, Welcome m8. Yes only been on Kodi 3 weeks myself and have learnt so much and as Yiummer says don't be afraid to ask.
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    Welcome grimmy... Have a good browse of the forum... Any questions you have don't be afraid to post them in the appropriate section ... Thanks for joining
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    Use the spartan wizard, no expiration: http://spartanpixel.net/wizard
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    In ES File Explorer click the ARM version one time and then go all the way down in ES File Explorer and click on the three dots and click on the open in browser option and say once and watch Kodi download ??
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    On Facebook I belong to groups where people will ask what addon there are using to watch a fight or game, and will post addon there are using. I thought maybe people could do that here. Fight Pass Prelims = MoneySports FS1 Prelims = FS1 DexrerTV Pro UFC 196 Main Event = BT Sports 2 DexrerTV Pro
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    Hey man same here. Still trying to get a pin. If you figure it out let me know! Good luck.
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    Hi everyone I am glad to be here, I am new to this scene and I have a lot to learn but sure am glad hat the forum is now open

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