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    Kodi on Xbox One

    ok no worries. i will do a search and see what is available and if i have to wait i will.
  2. GhostWolf

    Kodi on Xbox One

    I don't know if this is an importance. and maybe need to install a different add-on. but the version of Kodi that i installed on my xbox one is Kodi 18.0-Alpha1. I did try installing the beast. but there were some errors in the extraction, and when i was prompted to shut down kodi i clicked ok and i relaunched it and waited to finish and some errors happened that i can not recall. i uninstalled it and just making sure if this build of Beast is not made for my version of kodi.
  3. GhostWolf

    Kodi on Xbox One

    thanks. is there any builds that are better or are they all basically similar? just trying to get info before i start it all. and as for kodi not being on xbox one. i actually just did a search in the microsoft store and it was there. thanks for letting me know that.
  4. GhostWolf

    Kodi on Xbox One

    I am planning to install Kodi on my xbox one console. I want to know what I need to do afterwards to make sure everything works and I can start watching content. Thanks in advance.