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  1. Hi guys, a couple weeks ago l noticed that the "item counts" that appear in the top left-hand corner of most add-on directories in Kodi were screwed up. It doesn't seem to matter what "skin" l'm using... Please see the following pics: Any idea how to fix this? Everything still works as expected, but it kind'a bugs me and don't know how to fix.
  2. jslime

    *MUST HAVE* Repos?

    Thanks man, do you have any other repos that l should add/check out?
  3. jslime

    *MUST HAVE* Repos?

    Hi guys, l thought it would be cool to have a running list of the top MUST HAVE repos that you all use with your builds. Here is my list of default repos l like to have installed on my machine: Xunity Talk Repo - http://xfinity.xunitytalk.com XMBC Israeli Streaming Sites dna Repository dnaREPO-v2 Addons by Vinnydude Blazetamer's Repository DudeHere Addons Dutch Stream Service Eldorado's XBMC Addons epg.ninja add-ons - http://epg.ninja/repo/ Exodus Repository Filmkodi.com repository - http://filmkodi.com/repository/ FTV Guide Repo iVue2 TV Guide Repo Kodi Add-n repository lambda Add-on repository MetalKettles Addon Repository Mucky Ducks Repo - http://muckys.mediaportal4kodi.ml/ natko1412 repo nickat's Kodi Add-on Repository podgod repo Project Mr Network Simply Caz Repo SuperRepo Repositories - http://srp.nu SuperRepo Third Party Repositories - http://srp.nu SuperRepo All - http://srp.nu Team eXpat Repository - http://teamexpat.ninja/repo/ Tech Timeruu Repo - http://spartanpixel.net/repo/ tknorris Release Repository - http://github.com/tknorris/tknorris-beta-repo/ TVADDONS.ag Addon Repository - http://fusion.tvaddons.ag Did l miss any great ones that you think should be on the list?
  4. jslime

    disable "view" context menu?

    hey thank you for the response guys. I have learned that's what is happening is when the mouse is centered on the screen is what triggers this popup. anyone know of a way to disable this behavior?
  5. Hello guys, I am curious if there is a way to remap or disable the "view" window that appears when you are in an addon, or addon directory and press the right arrow. This is the prompt l'm talking about: http://i.imgur.com/cbZZxT2.png I'm not sure what that popup/window is called, can you tell me that? And is there a way to disable it, or remap it to a different key? The problem l'm having is that my media center set up uses a mouse to navigate and for some reason Kodi is picking up my mouse movement and bringing up that window/screen when l'm not trying to launch it. Thanks so much guys really appreciate the help!
  6. jslime

    Stalker Client: authentication lost.?

    Thanks for the reply. I heard back form the developer and the issue is because l was running both IPTV Stalker video addon, and the PVR Stalker with the same donation #.
  7. Hello guys, l'm using IPTV Stalker, as well as the Stalker PVR client with Kodi. The provider is IPTV66. Over the last several days l've been getting these messages in the top right-hand corner every 2 or 3 minutes. Stalker Client: authentication lost. Re-authenticating. Stalker Client Re-authenticated. Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it? It's kind'a annoying.
  8. jslime

    IPTV HD - EPG Setup help?

    Watch the video Tech made above. That's not how this IPTV-HD addon works.
  9. jslime

    IPTV HD - EPG Setup help?

    Good morning, I am attempting to set up and the new IPTV HD service from https://www.iptvsubs.is on my tv box running kodi. I have installed the IPTV-Subs addon, along with the epg ninja addon and have it configured and am able to watch the channels that way. However l want to set it up with the PVR TV Guide. I have followed the steps in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjqhJ1lTP-g However l need the settings to put into the PVR IPTV Simple Client addon in kodi as well. Can you please advise as to what settings l need to use or how l could go about auto populating the needed settings?
  10. Hi guys! I am trying to make a menu shortcut to search exodus movies. I am using the following custom code in my menu item: ActivateWindow(10025,"plugin://plugin.video.exodus/?action=movieSearch",return) The problem is, after you search ... say for "batman forever" and then click the search button again, instead of being shown the search input box again to enter a new query you are taken directly to the results for "batman forever". What I want is that every time the "search" item is clicked in the menu I can perform a new search. If l use the following code, to search SALTS l get the desired results: ActivateWindow(10025,"plugin://plugin.video.salts/?mode=search&section=Movies",return) I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on how l might be able to get this to work with exodus? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. jslime

    New guy, just saying hi!

    Hey thank you for the warm welcomes! Look forward to helping build the community! Learning and sharing... and then learning some more
  12. Hi guys, l'm confused as to what IPTV and IKS is. If l'm only using the service for Kodi, which do l need? iks only, iptv only, iptv + iks?
  13. Simple question, are the 3 "big" IPTV service providers all the same? Meaning if l have a paid subscription for one of them, is it necessary or helpful in any way to have a subscription from another one? - And if they are different, which one is the best? Thanks,
  14. Hey there guys, found my way here via TT's youtube videos. Tech you've been extremely helpful in getting my head wrapped around Kodi and making it the perfect software for my set-top box.