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  1. Yummer

    black screen in Kodi with the beast

    Can confirm trakt works perfectly with exodus... Setup today to try for you
  2. Yummer

    black screen in Kodi with the beast

    Justinem can't you set yourself a trakt.TV account up and configure it for exodus.... I used to use it in genesis and it used to work great. I know exodus has this feature but I know it had issues at the beginning but I'm sure it should be all sorted by know.
  3. I find the content filters of ISPs seem to block some add-on content and even build installs .... The add-ons should all update themselves unless the database file is corrupted.... Easier way if they are corrupt is to delete the addons19. Db file from within profile directory.... You'll see your add-ons magically update on next reboot
  4. Are you in UK? Maybe content being blocked
  5. Yummer


    Yes you have to control it through PC... Got a smart phone? Download a remote ... Unified remote is quite good for a PC and smartphone as you can launch everything... Or if you run kodi on PC... Everything can be controlled using kodi very own remote kore
  6. Yummer

    help with errors

  7. Yummer


    Does your PC support mirror cast? You need to screen mirror your PC to your tv. It won't be as good a quality as connecting a HDMI straight up mind.
  8. Yummer

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum teddy
  9. Yummer


    Great to have you here... Welcome to the forum
  10. Glad your sorted @Search
  11. Yummer

    help with errors

    double check everything from the start... if your in uk first click this and remove any content filtering if you've signed up at Spartan pixel..... (have you verified your e-mail address) check your spam/junk folder log in to the dashboard to make sure your account is now active. configure the Spartan wizard..(highlight Spartan wizard press the context menu button -it usually has 3 lines on a firestick.......click add-on settings and fill in your e-mail/password) double/triple check your spellings make sure your not missing a letter number or special character.... its an easy mistake to make especially using a remote control if your happy and it all looks good hit the ok button to save. now launch the wizard
  12. @Tech Timeruuu can you reset the pin downloads? or does @ChrisB deal with that side? @Mixdoctor I think the question is are you running encore on Jarvis? if you are then its Jarvis compatible so the op needs to upgrade to Jarvis buddy because sounds like he may be on kodi 15.2 or less
  13. Yummer

    Setting up Firestick

    no problem @nwoodsy
  14. Yummer

    Advantage of specific builds

    running a light build is a good idea on a firestick due to the lack of available space and the hardware specs aren't that great when it comes to ram and processor cores/speed. the beast builds are light builds now.... they used to be so much larger than they are at present so firestick should handle them no problem. buffering is down to usually internet speed, host server bandwidth etc. try using ares wizard.... tweeks .... advanced settings wizard and see if this helps a little.... it will increase the cache size to free ram available on your device.
  15. Yummer

    Applications not working

    upgrade to kodi 16 Jarvis.... sounds like your still on 15,2 or less