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  1. I actually have Kodi 16 now on my Fire Stick TV. Is there a way to upgrade to Kodi 17 Or do I have to start from scratch? Is there a video or written steps on how to install Kodi 17 to Fire Stick TV?
  2. careerres

    Apple TV & Kodi

    Is there a way to install Kodi to Apple TV? If yes, what are the steps?
  3. I'm all verified. Now when I go to I get "Failed to install from zip file" been doing it over and over but keeps failing. Any solution??
  4. careerres

    New to all this and have questions.

    Hi I'm new to all this and not that savvy so please be patient with me. I am using Amazon Fire Stick and followed the directions from Aug. 18 to build The Beast. I hope this is the latest one. How do I watch live NEWS from my city to see Breaking News? I go to Phoenix that has the News but it's not from my city. Also where is the Pay Per View. A bit confused on how to use it but doing the best I can. Thank you.