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  1. willieaames

    Kodi Declares War on Trademark Trolls

    Why do I have this gut feeling that the trademark infringer has 'Big-Media' ties. Are the Canadian authorities and all of their supportive media enforcers simply unaware of this person or are they simply turning the other cheek?
  2. willieaames

    Game of thrones Season 7

    Looks like Danny missed the gold and only burned down the grain her army needed as well.
  3. willieaames

    Popcorn time for shows and movies

    Every vpn has limitations, if you are using free services, they might leaks your ip addresses and other logs information. If you are talking about popcorn time, this guide will help you on choosing the vpn from paid and free versions: https://www.popcorntimevpn.org/
  4. willieaames

    Why upgrade to 16?

    Thanks, This is helpful.
  5. willieaames

    Kill Switch VPN on Kodi

    Is there something I can do to get a vpn kill switch working on kodi? Or another option I thought of is buying a rasp pi and connecting my nas as a download location and running a sickrage on the rasp pi with vpn and a killswitch if that would work. Or is there an android based sickrage server I can run on my shield TV. I`v tested these kodi vpns: https://www.bestvpnprovider.com/kodi-vpn/
  6. willieaames

    How awesome is PLEX and what to do with it

    I currently run Plex on my Roku in my bedroom. I am considering purchasing a Fire TV Stick for the TV in my basement, but want to double check that Plex works fine on the Fire TV Stick before purchasing. Does it operate smoothly or does it lag?
  7. willieaames


    Many free vpn services are not working in china, I`v found this china vpn article which is pretty helpful.
  8. willieaames

    Why upgrade to 16?

    Anybody else getting a black screen when lauching kodi 16?
  9. willieaames

    Kodi 17 ( Krypton )

    Last time I tried it, I saw so no way to mount my ftp (for direct playback) in Kodi 17, did they remove this feature?
  10. willieaames


    Thank you. This is helpful.
  11. The majority of the popular kodi add ons don't use torrents at all. Instead they grab links for file hosting sites and stream that way.