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  1. hotmopr

    Widget on Beast jan31

    I am running Jarvis and the beast jan31 on my firestick. Is it possible to change the movies widget from Chris B picks to Bobs new releases? I am not good at widgets. Need more training..
  2. hotmopr


    Looks like its been released. And no download on the kodi downloads page for 16.1. 17 still wont load on the firestick atleast not automagically
  3. I decided to try a firestick to cheap not to give it a shot right? I am currently running 16.1 Jarvis and the Jan 23rd beast update. Works great no major issues other than shutting down every now and then mid show. It usually goes back to the "choose the stream" page putlocker 1080 etc.. That doesn't happen to often. But the things that bug me are number 1. There is a small bubble on the middle far right of the screen while a movie is playing. It seems to change. Tonight we were watching a movie in Bob and there was one of the bob icons in the bubble. So not sure if its a KOdi bubble or a Firestick bubble. I am thinking its Kodi. Next thing is Does the beast Kryptonite work on 16.1? I like that build more but I had a issue installing it originally so I went for the 23rd beast. I may have done the shutdown procedure wrong the first go around..
  4. hotmopr


    The beast jan 23rd update worked fine for me on the firestick. Using 16.1
  5. hotmopr


    Kodi 17 seems to work great on my laptop but not the fire stick. 16.1 Jarvis is the way to go. Then install the beast jan 23rd update. Works pretty good!
  6. hotmopr


    How do you like the shield? Which one did you get? I am currently using my PC and thinking about going to a dedicated system. What would you suggest?
  7. hotmopr

    Full screen help PC windows 10

    I found it on youtube. How dumb! Its the butto directly below the backspace button.. just push it and it toggles back and forth from tool bar and full screen .. This " | and \" button.. Good day!
  8. hotmopr

    Full screen help PC windows 10

    Sorry cuz I am a idiot when it comes to this stuff. But I downloaded the Beast Kryptonite had it running smooth on my windows 10 PC along with the Kodi 17 Beta. Anyways I hit something and now Kodi doesn't open in full screen. There's the exit arrow and minimize at the top and my tool menu at the bottom. I can get it to go away so when I stream to the tv its the same view. What did I do now? Thanks
  9. hotmopr


    Its awesome!
  10. hotmopr

    Need help with a widget

    I would like to add a widget for Bobs new releases. Ive tried the plugin:// Ive tried it many different ways with no luck. Any ideas? Seems the other widget I had for exodus was under a movie sub menu where bob goes straight to new releases as a main menu item. So I tried this.. plugin:// No luck either way. I also haven't found any malware from bob. Its my favorite addon seems movies that make it to bob always play and have great quality.
  11. hotmopr

    Best addon for UFC?

    Thanks. I even have that Installed
  12. hotmopr

    Best addon for UFC?

    Whats the best addon for live UFC?
  13. hotmopr

    New beast install

    Ya, I didn't get it either until I watched a couple you tube videos and learned how to build it. Enjoy!
  14. hotmopr

    New beast install

    Ya I know. But it works! Any ideas when the final release will be?
  15. hotmopr

    New beast install

    I installed the kodi 17 beta and no issues since I am gonna try the beast on it since the new one came out friday