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  1. Jk2030 I agree with Mixdoctors post and most builds do the same thing its just what we like that makes a difference and what we want to be able to run on our devices I for one like the Beast because its fast and a good build, but I run it on a 2 Gb Ram and that works fine,I do have a smaller MKIII with 1Gb Ram and allthough I could run the beast on that it gets a bit much for the poor stic You could try to change both the first and the last setting in accelaration to of just leaving the mddle one on. But I would probably either chose a light build or just run a clean kodi and install the repositories you want for the sports channels you like.
  2. ok I just installed the latest version of the Beast the Encore, there the settings can be changed and now it works just fine after editing the accelaration ok tried to install The beast from 27th od december and change the skin once installed and went in to systems changed the skin changed the setting in system and the video aceleration and now it works fine, changed back to the mod skin and it seems to work there to.
  3. ok I just installed the latest version of the Beast the Encore, there the settings can be changed and now it works just fine after editing the accelaration
  4. Thanks for the reply, I havent played around with the actual skin yet so I might find a solution there, some other builds still have the choice of changing system settings to advanced at the bottom of the system menu. what people /users need to do is to go in to video and from there go down and change settings level to advanced, now they will see accelerations and they should scroll down to that and to the right they will see three dots for allow hardware acceleration, they should klick on the first one of the three the Amcodec to disactivate it. Then go out of systems, now they cn try to run a movie close it down and try another movie now Kodi should not stop working, this seems to be in issue on systems running android 6. I have had no issues any more with crashing kodi IE kodi stopped working and I had to go in again afer watching a movie or something else. So hopefully its just the skin that needs the ad of the line at the bottom of system settings ( I think) havent tinkered around in years with rogramming so very rusty being nearly 60 and soon a grandma its a newfound hobby this thing with Kodi. great work with the build. Running Kodi on an T95ZPlus and soon on an Nvidia Shield
  5. Hi no its not the build playing up its a great build but if you run it on for ex android 6 then it will crash on some boxes due to a setting in hardware accelarataion But in the latest Beast build I have the one from the 29th of december I can not access the advanced settings in the menu of settings so that is a bit of a pain I can not enjoy the build I like the most as I can not access my vide/accelerations settings. Have you got any advice on thisifso I think many of us will have the solution of crashing tv boxes fixed.
  6. dez

    Beast/Spartan Changes you'd like to see

    I like the Beast but I dont like that the build doesnot let me change system settings to advanced as I need to get in there to change settings to keep my kodi from crshing, then again I might have missed something because I cant find the last line in systems that will let me change, if so let me know.
  7. Hello, nice to try out something new ( allthough it seems very hard to get it to load keeps asking for validation), I guess Ill get there .
  8. dez

    installed the Beast

    Thanks for the great instructions regarding installing the Beast I tested it on my laptop and liked it, now I have installed it on my tv box and it works a treat. I will have plenty of time to learn how to work with it ( its huge ) as I am home after a lengthy cancer treatmet, thanks to all involved in this build I love it..