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  1. Thanks for reading this post really appreciate the help. So I use a device called Trongle (top result on Amazon uk). Model: s1 pro Version 6.0.1 Think it's slightly less than 1gb ram. I agree that it's to do with the hardware acceleration and normally in the advanced setting you can disable the first option and it works fine. However my issue is that it doesn't even make it that far before it just takes me back to the homescreen of my device. I normally see the beast logo and then I end up back at the home screen. I've noticed however that other builds work - royalist seems fine but I can't seem to seek/scrub through videos so end up having use the fast forward function which can be tedious (is there a work around for that?). But to be honest I can't exactly tell what the difference is between the builds asides from a few layouts i.e. Beast TV has more live TV stuff? What does encore have? With Spartan whats different with that build? Ive noticed that the other builds seem stable but was hoping to stick with beast TV as it's preferable with its easy to access sports channels. Thanks.
  2. I was using the beast TV build ony Android box for nearly a month when all of a sudden it's not working anymore. I can't run kodi, if I'm lucky it'll reach the beast logo and then show that kodi isn't responding or just take me back to the home screen I followed advice from another thread here by forcing stop, clearing cache and then restarting the Android box. This didn't help. My only work around was to clear all data from kodi, redownload the build and install it again. This then works for a good few days and then the issue crops up again. I'm not sure why the build works fine for a while then needs reinstalling. Any suggestions?