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    Issues with a build

    Hey Zombo... welcome to the madness! There is an on going battle with piracy issues and the world of streaming television. Everyday there are servers, repositories, and sites being shut down... or going 'under ground'. So a build, or a component (addon) withing a build may stop working at any given point in time. It's about like shooting craps. you may get a good one and then on the next roll you get snake eyes! So it's possible the build you are using is no longer valid.. or some of the addons within have gone dark. This is why our fantastic team of techies are always on top things and updating the Beast, as well as other builds in the Beast repo, at least every other month or so. The addons will auto update withing the build, but the build itself must be updated manually. It does suck, for some, to have to constantly update the builds. Still better then forking out $$$ to the cable companies to be able to watch a few good channels though. At least in my opinion.
  2. BluesDragon

    Please help me fix

    Sorry @SamQ... Ms Sarah, I'm sorry to say, is no longer moderating here. I hope she is still able help ya on the side. I'm more of the forum sheriff then a tech. I try where I can, but can only help from my own personal experiences with Kodi and The Beast. All that coding that Ms Sarah posted above is chicken scratch to me.
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    Heya All

    Yeah man... good to see ya again!
  4. BluesDragon

    Which VPN is best for streaming on Kodi?

    I've always used IPVanish, myself. Works great for me and always reliable.
  5. Welcome CB! Great to have ya join us here...
  6. BluesDragon


    Thanks! Sorry I missed this yesterday.. I was.. well... kinda in my own lil' piece of paradise!. Was a fantastic day indeed. Thanks again, ya'll!!!
  7. BluesDragon

    cant get to install

    Hey sin702... unfortunately I'm not familiar with how installs work with the smart tv's. Are you talking about Kodi not wanting to install or the build? I know you said you followed the directions to a 'T'... try to re-register at the server site, thebeast1 or thebeast2, and start at the beginning again... is it's the build. @Mixdoctor will be around sooner or later and hopefully give ya some better guidance here.
  8. BluesDragon

    Help! Cannot install repository.

    Did you not just step up and help, Alex? You are not noone. One of the best parts of this forum is the members sharing and helping each other out. Every one of our members here are part of the team. Good job... If you got answers that can help... post up just like you did here. Instead of bitchin... be part of the solution. This is not a job, we do have real lives and can't be here 24-7... sorry. Further more.. The dev's are constantly updating to accommodate the changes going on every day with repo's closing down and such. Not to make you make click on the ads. Yes they do help to keep your free build up to date with working addons. BUT you are not forced to click on anything. Just go on in like thief, take what ya need, and then come back and bitch about the hard work the dev's put in to keep these builds updated. Niiice.... @wolfden; Alex is correct in his first sentence. Just go from the start... Register at (UK Server) or (US Server) Add a username, email address and password then click Register PLEASE NOTE when you are registering only use letters and numbers ( apart from the @ in your email ) and do not use any symbols what so ever like ( !#$%^&*()_+?>< ). After the registration notification appears "Thank you for registering with us. Please log in to continue." select log in Enter the email password you used in the first step and click Log in You'll see the Name you chose, your chosen email, and verify. Select Verify – DO NOT MISS THIS PART You will see weather icons. Wait for it to end. Log in for the last time: If you see VERIFIED next to your chosen email, you've registered successfully. You WILL NOT receive any emails. That has not been in place for months. Registration Complete, Open Kodi to Install the Latest BEAST update for KODI 16/17 ...this needs to be done each time as there is no database saving the registration information for the repo.
  9. My son was just telling me about that "Show Box" app this past weekend. He said he found it in the app store on his phone. I've never understood watching movies on a phone, but then I'm pretty ol' skoold. Started out my life's path with a 13" black and white tv... vowed to never go THAT small again!
  10. BluesDragon

    Sign in for the beast us

    I've also noticed you have registered here under two different e-mails. One yahoo and one gmail... make sure which ever one you use to register for the Beast repo is the same one you use when logging in there.
  11. BluesDragon

    Sign in for the beast us

    Simply re-register. Your login information is only used to d'load and install the Beast repo. It is not saved in a datbase... which is why it's required to register for every update.
  12. BluesDragon

    Kodi comes full circle...

    Media streaming software Kodi used to be known as XBMC (Xbox Media Center), but ironically, one of the few devices it hasn't worked on is the Xbox One -- until now. Kodi has unveiled version "18.0-Alpha1" for the Xbox One, giving owners of the console a (rough) streaming option. While it looks just like the Windows 10 and other versions of the app, the current version may be unstable and can't access your Blu-ray drive or attached storage (via USB 3.0), unfortunately. In addition, it can only access your video and music folders in a limited way, and network support is limited to NFS:// shares. "Due to the nature of how UWP (Universal Windows Platform) works, our hands are tied in some areas," Kodi noted. "Some parts are not even finished yet and our developers are still working on getting it up to the regular standard." Kodi's road to an Xbox One app is kind of interesting, if you're an Xbox history buff. XBMC was originally developed for the Xbox because it was one of the few affordable devices with a TV out, Kodi notes. As smartphones, tablets, the Raspberry Pi, and numerous dedicated boxes came on the market, however, the developers stopped working on the Xbox itself, while porting it to many other platforms. "It was thought by the team that getting Kodi (XBMC) running on newer Xbox versions would be wishful thinking and we would never see that happen anymore," Kodi wrote. However, once the team managed to get Kodi repackaged first as a 32-bit UWP app, then in a 64-bit version, the Xbox One port became feasible. If you're willing to try out the early alpha app, it's now available on the Xbox One store. If not, you can always use Xbox One's built in Media Player or use the popular Plex app (the free version lets you play your own files). You can also stream on Xbox One with the VLC app. Kodi Will be interesting to see how it works with the Xbox counsel. Will have to give it a try and see...
  13. BluesDragon

    How to get a Kodi VPN on Christmas 2017

    I use IPVanish and love it. I don't always agree with it's 'best available' option, but it doesn't take but a click or two to connect to another server.
  14. BluesDragon

    Noobs and Nerds Repo

    Neptune Rising is a good one. Bob Unleashed, in the noobsandnerds repo appears to still be up to date as well. Seems to work well for me anyhow.
  15. BluesDragon

    Donald from Dallas

    Welcome to the forum Donald. Glad to have ya join us here. You can read the forum rules here... Loads of good members to help answer questions, so don't be afraid to ask.
  16. BluesDragon

    Greetings from the Buckeye State

    Welocme to the forum, likwid! Hope ya enjoy your stay...
  17. Welcome wolfie! Happy to have ya here...
  18. BluesDragon

    Just wanted to introduce mysef?

    Welcome Papagiorgio... glad to have ya join us! I'm 53 and have beard down to my chest now... about center of my moobs. lol.. I did mention I'm 53 now! Takes quite a bit of work and care to get there. It's long enough I've gotta ponytail it (4 hair ties) when I get out riding... hence my avatar.
  19. BluesDragon

    Help getting live tv on firestick

    I was in the same boat when I first 'cut the cable'. It was/is very frustrating. I found that most the live tv sites wanted monthly payments to view them. Totally defeats the purpose of cutting the cable for me. Then I found USTVNOW... I just wanted to get my local channels. They have a free, just the basic channels, sign up. Only problem for me was that I'm on the west coast and they broadcast out of the north east coast. So, although it was great for basic tv shows.. I still could not get my local news. I ended up installing a HD Antenna outside to pull my local channels... Hopefully @Sarah Barker , or @Mixdoctor can guide ya better on this.
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    Welcome... glad to have ya!
  21. BluesDragon

    How did i wake up here?

    Welcome! Glad to have ya join us here. Feel free to jump in the conversations and offer up any insight you see fit. Just try not to Smash up the place. Took a while getting it to look this pretty.
  22. BluesDragon

    Happy happy joy joy....

    Happy Birthday to our resident guru Ms. @Sarah Barker
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    Yeah, I do think. But hey.. it seems to have brought you back out from behind the curtain again. So it's a start... welcome back!
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    It's time for your return, @Mikman001!! We need ya back bro... I need ya back here. You was the one that kept things workin' for me when I first landed here. So c'mon... I got your back, man. VACATION IS OVER!!!