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  1. any way there may be a free trial available to take it for a test spin before making a purchase?
  2. Thanks a ton for responding on the issue. That's in essence what i've done before as well. sometimes I can't see the wizard in the programs list until i actually re-install the repo. So one other question until you and tech have more time to tinker perhaps, how do you know when the wipe has been completed? Like i said in the OP i normally just wait about 5- 7 minutes. Have you seen anything that lets you know when its completed?
  3. Does anyone perhaps have a video of successfully updating to a new build of the beast by doing the wipe and install method from within the wizard? Every time that i have ever tried it, its not worked and i have to go and put the repo back into the file manager, enable the wizard and start again. It will prompt the message saying its gonna switch skin back to estuary in order to do the fresh install, but it appears to just sit there. I will normally give it like 5 or 7 minutes then i'll click the wipe and install button again. Then it will flash across the top, fresh install cancelled..I can never see like the progress bar as it's downloading and extracting the build as if i clear cache and clear data on kodi and then do everything from adding the repo to adding the wizard from scratch myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. btw Kodi 17.4 on a firestick.
  4. Vypre

    Firestarter app not working

    lots of people looking at this post...anyone else having the issue? anyone have any comments at all?
  5. Vypre

    Firestarter app not working

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Seems like a recent update from amazon has stopped the firestarter (firestopper 3.2.3) from launching when the firestick boots. Does anyone have any recommendations for another launcher that may still be working?
  6. Vypre

    Beast 17.4 missing Ccloud

    https://seo-michael.co.uk/tutorial-how-to-install-ccloud-iptv-for-kodi/ after doing so it should be listed in your video addons section. however, unsure if this addon is still up and running at this point.
  7. Vypre

    I need some help

    go into your application manager under in the main phone settings. then find kodi. once there click on storage, then clear data, and clear cache. this should remove the build from kodi.
  8. Vypre

    The Beast is kicking my a%•

    sounds as if you may need to go into the skin settings and ensure it's set to "Aeon Nox" and not the default "Estuary" skin. Hope that helps
  9. Vypre

    updating Beast Krypton/fresh start

    @Sarah Barker thanks so much for the help. I was up to speed on Echo Wizard no longer working after his departure to TVaddons.ag, but i will use the process you suggested going forward for updating the build. As previously i had been deleting kodi, reinstalling and doing it all from scratch. new there had to be a better way, had just been unsuccessful in finding it. Thanks again.
  10. Vypre

    updating Beast Krypton/fresh start

    so, guess that's a no....waited around see that lots of people read but no feedback
  11. so as new versionsite of the Beast Krypton come out, what is the best method to actually update? when I was using kodi 16.1 I would use the Fresh Start addon to do a clean install of the updated build. In Kodi 17 the Fresh Start addon doesn't seem to work. is there a method to do this in echo wizard for U.S. content from the beast2?
  12. Vypre


    I'm familiar with Plex as i've used it for several years. I was asking if there was a way to get the addon and use it from within the Beast Build.
  13. Vypre


    is there a way to access my Plex media server from within the build? or some addon that has a clean UI to do the same? saw an article somewhere that said how to do it, but it mentioned you had to use a specific skin in order for it to work.
  14. Vypre

    change audio stream on the beast

    while watching something press the settings/menu button. you should see an audio icon (speaker), go there and then within that menu you should see the option to change the audio stream. Hope that helps
  15. Vypre

    Signin problems

    Ok but he has the wizard already on the firestick and keeps getting an authentication failed. So tried logging into the wizard site as I mentioned above and no luck. So the account seems to be locked and password reset isn't resolving or allowing for login.