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  1. Dellboy8


    Hi Buddy have followed your advice. Changed my VPN server to Iceland and Bob Unleashed for Sport. But its. still the same old, Sports Devil is still being blocked. But it looks like other servers are getting out as there was a good game on tonite. Sorry to hear you have been having a rough time of it of late. But good to hear you are getting back in the swing.
  2. Dellboy8


    Hi MD Im using VPN but still get blocked,sports devil is constantly not working on kick off time
  3. Dellboy8

    The Beast

    Thankyou both, Maybe things were going on at the time. Keep up the hard work,
  4. Dellboy8

    The Beast

    Hi sorry to hear that, I sorted it out as usual.Got the new build installed already it looks cool not got into it that much yet. Nice to see the Man back. Wish you all well.
  5. Dellboy8

    The Royalist "Pop-up" box

    Hi could try the escape button.
  6. Dellboy8

    The Beast

    Have tried to download from both wizards 1and 2 But will not authenticate on any build, Have used a VPN but still not getting it. I guess it must be the server?
  7. Dellboy8

    Builds and android Boxs

    Hi thanks for your help. Just got back to it and what you suggested has now fixed my problem thankyou
  8. Dellboy8

    Builds and android Boxs

    Hi I'm running Beast TV 16.1 on my box and another build on spmc fork on same box. Its been fine for sometime until today. The picture shrunk on both builds and have been unable to sort it. I did a factory restore on the box but its still the same. A lot smaller picture!!!
  9. Dellboy8


    Thanks guys I'll get there!!!!!
  10. Dellboy8


    +--+ +--+ +-
  11. Dellboy8


    Hi Thanks for getting back to me mate. I followed the link you sent, but I don't understand why it will not install 17 when it does 16.1. I got an HTTP 500 on the streamhelp site. Its saying its internal server error I suppose it will clear at some point. unless its me!!!!!
  12. Dellboy8


    Hi. I have been trying to install the build kryptonite on my android box with ES File Manager. I'm using the box to download Kodi 17 without any luck. Tried the 3 choices for android in the kodi download choices for Kodi 17 it downloads but will not install. It fails with lack of parsing. I never had any problems with doing it on my windows laptop. Not sure what is going on.
  13. Dellboy8

    Beast Encore

    Hi Big John, I've been doing it on the laptop so its not required to unplug the power. I've tried to change the skin within the build so I'm not to sure what to do, It just seems funny to me. I did try the same build on my android box and so far its working ok. Thanks for your help.
  14. Dellboy8


    Hi you can use any one, if one is busy you can use the other one. But you have to register again. Beast1 or Beast2.
  15. Dellboy8

    Beast Encore

    Hi I loaded this build six times now. My problem is it loads ok then the back picture goes black after about a minute.