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  1. ClayVLigon

    Best Kodi Builds

    Normally you don't find a useful resource on builds and instead you mostly find kodi addons in your search result. I started searching and came up with this excellent article on best kodi builds. Tell me if you guys like it as I find it very interesting and no one has put so much detail in one article.
  2. ClayVLigon

    Black Friday VPN Deals

    I wanted to use a VPN for my kodi box and guess what I am in luck because it Black Friday! But guys I need your advice on which provider should I choose as different sites are offering the best deals out there. This particular review of 53 Black Friday VPN deals struck me and PureVPN is their 1st choice. Recommendation guys????
  3. ClayVLigon

    Best Kodi Builds

    Need an advice ? Everyone says that do not use builds because they are heavy! Is this true ? On the other hand I don't know the technicalities but they definitely look gorgeous on your screen! So I started hunting for the best kodi builds and came up with this list. What do you think ? Are they really the best builds of 2017 ?
  4. ClayVLigon

    How to setup VPN on Kodi

    Hi Guys! We all members of this forum definitely use Kodi for streaming movies and shows but how many of you use it with a VPN? I want to share an excellent blog Best vpn for kodi which explains you in detail on how to setup VPN on kodi. Have a look at it and feel free to ask any questions or much better we should discuss it. Regards, Clay
  5. ClayVLigon

    Popcorn time vpn for movies and shows

    Hi Guys ! I am new here and would like to learn from the experienced members who have been contributing to this forum for so many years. Call me a Noob when it comes to the world of technology but I do read about them daily. I have come here for an experts opinion who can guide me as I have been using popcorn time to watch movies and shows but it always tell me to use VPN before viewing anything ! Can that be considered spam ? I have been doing some research for a couple of days and people use VPN so they cannot be traced back to their original IP but the free VPN providers are not successful in masking your IP. So guys help me out here with this as I read this review VPN providers but I am unable to understand the technicalities that have been used here ! My question is that which VPN provider should I go for as I watch lots movies and shows on the go as I travel a lot ! Regards, Clay
  6. ClayVLigon

    Popcorn time for shows and movies

    so how many of you use popcorn time for your favorite movie and TV shows ? Since its illegal in most of the regions people do use it with a VPN but fail to understand which VPN is best for them and one more thing as GOT S7 E06 got leaked yesterday this guide can explain you to make the best choice
  7. ClayVLigon

    VPN on windows phone

    I live in Montreal Canada and was on vacations hence didn't saw your reply. I have bought purevpn for my phone. Anyways thanks a lot for the input.
  8. ClayVLigon

    Popcorn time Chromecast

    Hi Guys I have been using chromecast for the past 2 years and found it to be very useful. I have used it with netflix and iflix but my subscription for both of them have finished and I am not in a mood to renew them. I heard about popcorn time to be very useful and gave it a try. This review helped me a lot on how to setup popcorn time chromecast So guys lets have a discussion on this as my experience so far has been very good!
  9. ClayVLigon

    VPN for Kodi

    Love Kodi which is an open source platform and the best plugins I have seen but I use it using a VPN. This review helped me alot:
  10. ClayVLigon

    VPN on windows phone

    I am using a Lumia 930 and wanted to use VPN for it. This site gave me insightful information: What do you guys think ? Which will suit my needs best as I am not a tech junkie
  11. ClayVLigon

    Game of thrones Season 7

    I hope episode 3 live upto the expectations.
  12. ClayVLigon

    Game of thrones Season 7

    Lets discuss about this season as it has been disappointing so far.....
  13. ClayVLigon

    New Member

    Hello Guys, I am new to this forum and my purpose is to learn from you guys and at the same time contribute all the knowledge that I posses.