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  1. oldiebeezie


    Hello, yes I know exactly, what you mean I have the same set up, it's hit and miss, when I clear the cache, thanks 4 the feedback
  2. oldiebeezie


    All that is totally and perfectly fine, mine installed perfectly, the issue i am having is when i got to launch kodi and the beast build opens and is on the home page, the red avatar spins and just hangs in the small box and i cant open any of the add ons, so i have to force close kodi and reboot the device this works sometimes, but other times i have to do it 2 or 3 times for it to work, and i know when it is going to work because i get the indigo add on not update, and the quick compressing pops, then i know its going to work, any ideas. This is ont 17.3 Kryton, The Beast Build 6-12-17, using a brand new FireStick
  3. oldiebeezie

    Problem with installing The Beast

    What up my fav. Koditalk moderators, so just a question on 17.3 i got thebeast build the most recent one and the one prior on 2 different devices, I'm having the same issue with both devices when I launch kodi and the beast launches the avatar in the small box just spin and stays there I have to shut kodi down and reboot my device sometimes twice for the beast build avatar stops spinning. My guess is this issue is not the beast build and more Kodi 17.3 Krypton is slow. Would it be better to go down to jarvis 16.1 and go with the beast build for 16.1?
  4. Dam that sux, but this morning when I updated from 17.1 to 17.2 I didnt have to reinstall the beast was working gr8 and all my setting and fav. tv shows were save which is what I'm tring to avoid. Since I can't back that up on a firestick ya feel me, thanks for the hella quick reply, awesome
  5. I have a FS and thebeast build may 4th and updated from 17.2 this morning b4 work was working good, when I got home updated to 17.3 but nothin would open the thing would just spin and stay there, any ideas I also just checked thE kodi site nothing on 17.3
  6. oldiebeezie

    Sportsdevil Web request failed error

    Yeah, just strange how it wont install correctly using the Fusion repo and unofficial SD repo, but it will through Indigo, if i still have issues i am just going to do a fresh start
  7. oldiebeezie

    Sportsdevil Web request failed error

    Thabks for all ur help, got home from work and uninstalled sportsdevil aMD reinstalled it through indigo, and it loops like it's working
  8. oldiebeezie

    Sportsdevil Web request failed error

    Ok so now I am really really confused I have kodi installed on my phone, aND sportsdevil is working just fine males no sense
  9. oldiebeezie

    Sportsdevil Web request failed error

    Just seems strange for the past 2 years Sportsdevil has been my go to for sports never let me down, and all of a sudden these past 2 weeks getting the web request error, same thing with Sportie add on also.
  10. oldiebeezie

    Sportsdevil Web request failed error

    Sportsdevil is not working keep getting Web request failed error, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, not sure why
  11. oldiebeezie

    Thebeast2.com registering issue

    Hello Sarah, yeah I know done it tons of times. But thebeast2.con site isn't working but thebeast1.com is, the issue is after u enter ur name,email and password, then click log in, and enter ur email and password it says email and password are incorrect, but issue only happening on the beast2.com, so I just went with the beast1.com, no issues there, thanks for ur reply, mad love 4 all u moderators, love ur avatar by the way
  12. oldiebeezie

    Thebeast2.com registering issue

    I have tried multiple times, to register with different emails and passwords, I know the info is correct. But I keep getting a wrong email or password.
  13. oldiebeezie


    I need a 2nd box for my game room badly Mixdoctor added into draw POST 45