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    PVR Clients disappeared

    hi Mixdoctor yeah tried both methods tried a fresh install of Kodi, which i am now thinking that the PVR clients have been removed but i have also tried loading the latest version of the beast and it also does not load the PVR clients. must have something to do with the Kodi build i am using. thanks for the help buddy appreciate it. hope the move is going well. regards The NiNja
  2. Ginjaninja

    PVR Clients disappeared

    mixdoctor as per your second image i do not have PVR cliets in my menu, it as if they have not been installed when i installed kodi. can you tell me if the options should be there after installing fresh kodi or do they only appear after installing the beast build. thanks again for replying
  3. Ginjaninja

    PVR Clients disappeared

    hi mixdoctor thanks for you help even after uninstalling kodi and going back to a clean install they are not there when i go into my addons there is no PVR clients to enter into even when you goto download there is no section for PVR clients thanks for the help
  4. Ginjaninja

    PVR Clients disappeared

    Hi Guys need some help i have been using the beast builds for some time now and they are by far the best builds around. occasionally though i seem to get a problem with PVR clients, when i go into my addons there physically is not a category with PVR clients so i cannot go into it and select or enable simple iptv or any other as there is no option in my menu. i have fixed before by totally uninstalling kodi and reinstalling the beast, however doing this on my vu+solo2 is no easy feat even after re-flashing the box. if anyone has had this before and knows how to fix it would be appreciated. Regards The NiNja