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  1. The Beard


    Hey, we apologize for the late reply. We were swamped with User tickets over the weekend. Anyways, the reason that section is empty is because when you reset your Firestick all your previously installed programs were also deleted and once you install an application you will see them start to show up there. I hope this helps
  2. The Beard

    Is Zero Tolerance current best kodi build ?

    Zero Tolerance is also home to the amazing Pyramid addon that works really good. That is one of the main Addons that I use. They have Movies, TV Catchup, Tv Shows, Documentaries, Box Sets and a couple more sections. Check it out!!
  3. The Beard

    Kodi for beginners

    Everything is fine. We just have to keep to the forum rules. We have banned people for advertising other links and I didn’t want to see that happen to you. This forum is really informative and I hope you can get a lot out of it?
  4. The Beard

    Kodi for beginners

    Hey Kodimaster, please read the forum rules. Advertising other sites is not permitted. Here at Koditalk, we are a one-stop shop for anything Kodi related. You can also request a tutorial and we will provide it. I will just give you a warning thing time, but next time we are going to have to deduct a point.
  5. The Beard

    Acestream Kodi Installation Guide (Plexus)

    Hey Dylan, Our team here at KodiTalk appreciates your research.
  6. The URL Resolver has been updated to v4.0.12. The only two repos currently with the OFFICIAL update are the Looking Glass Repo and TvAddons. TVAddons has officially taken back the development of this addon. ?? If your URLResolver just updated to v4.0.12a, it is NOT authorized. The Cerebro Repo has pushed an unwanted update and you should delete that repo immediately from your Kodi?? Please Note: You will have to Re-Authorize your Real Debrid account when you update to the latest version if you do not see RD links.
  7. Well first of all let’s talk about what Real Debrid is. Well, for starters it’s an amazing UNRESTRICTED multihoster. Now your probably wondering, what the hell is that? Well basically, it lets you download any file at your BEST internet speed. So let’s say your pushing 75/75, than that is the speed at which your file will be downloaded. This gives you great benefits in Kodi giving you premium hosters on a great number of addons. Real Debrid works by allowing Addons to scrape the premium section of many host sites and displaying the premium links in the add-on. Some add-ons display the Real Debrid links in different colors, some display them by just showing saying Real Debrid at the beginning of the link and some add RD in the link. At the end of the day Real Debrid give addons that are compatible with it the ability to provide more links to the specific content you are trying to view. Many of these links are 1080P, 720P and some of them even have Dolby Digital 5.1. But HD is never guaranteed. Real Debrid currently offers 4 different plans to choose from: 15 days – 3 Euros = $3.27 USD 30 days – 4 Euros = $4.36 USD 90 days – 9 Euros = $9.81 USD 180 days – 16 Euros = $17.44 USD So the question to ask is it really worth the cost? Well, personally, I have been using Real Debrid for quite some time and I feel that it offers a fantastic service. I like to think of it as a VIP section in Kodi. I cannot tell you if the cost is worth it for you. If you are someone who is looking for completely free streaming then it may not make sense for you. But if you are willing to spend a few bucks a month and get a wider selection of stream sources then it may make sense. Here is the link for the Official Real Debrid website so you can check it out! If any of you guys have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us we are available 24/7 for your assistance?
  8. The Beard

    Verify email

    Hey Hey Sammy, I see that your having a problem with verifying your email. Please make sure that you have provided the correct email address. Also, please check your SPAM folder.
  9. The Beard

    Terrarium TV on NVIDIA SHIELD TV?

    Hey Jason! I see that your looking for a device capable of withstanding Terranium TV and other APKs. Well, two devices come to mind. First, the T95Z Plus is a great device. Here is the link Also, the H96Pro Plus is another great 4K streaming box. Here is the link for that one, Now for help installing Terranium TV on the Nvidia Shield here ya go. I will give you 2 links for a very informative step by step instructions. 1st link, 2nd link, Anything else that you need, do not hesitate to ask us! We are here 24/7 for you support. Also, the Nvidia Shield is a very solid device. They just had a sale for Cyber Monday, I hope you checked that one out!
  10. The Beard

    Just wanted to introduce mysef?

    I’ll be a part of the MOD team tomorrow Sarah. So brace yo self girl?
  11. The Beard

    Just wanted to introduce mysef?

    That’s awesome. I am in Connecticut a lot. Mostly New Haven, Fairfield, Danbury and Hartford. I am 33 now but when I was in my twenties I was a big party goer at Sacred Heart. That’s where I went to college. Now, I’m at a part of my life I’m obsessed with growing a beard, lol hence the avatar. So, I am subscribed to like 10 different beard boards?
  12. Well, first off, my name is Anthony and I’m new here. I’m new to the forum but I’ve been around the block a couple times. I’m from New York and I’m a very avid Kodi user and enthusiast. I dedicate my life to helping others and helping them achieve the goals they badly desire. I know a little bit about everything and not a lot about one thing! I like it that way. Anyways, I am here for everyone’s assistance and it’s a pleasure to be a part of this phenomenal community!?
  13. The Beard


    Please verify you are installing the correct version then try again
  14. The Beard

    Authentication Failure

    I would be more than glad to assist you. What is the exact error message that you are receiving?