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  1. Crazy Blank

    #DeleteFacebook trending worldwide, Why?

    Facebook sold us out here's what you get when you break someone's trust. Facebook's stock price down to $164 Billion now only when all the Tech Giants and magazines started writing about deleting Facebook account. Follow, How to delete Facebook Account Permanently
  2. Crazy Blank

    How to Watch Winter Olympics on Kodi

    Learn How to watch Winter Olympics on Kodi online LIVE without any buffering or interruption. This short guide will help stream the whole event on your device just follow the easy steps and get it done. (Y)
  3. I am watching the Winter Olympics opening ceremony LIVE online through a secret source (not illegal). How are you guys watching it at home? Using any Kodi Addon? or what? Please share.
  4. Hello everyone! This is crazy, not you. I am talking about my name :P You can call me crazy or blank as well because I don't care. I will still remain same. :D It's great to be here.