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    Downloaded Programs not working well

    I have decided to get a new Fire TV. This stick does not seem to work properly. Sometimes, it does not come on at all. And it frequently tells me it is unable to display the home page, even though it is connected to the internet. I have connected the current stick directly to the TV but it seems to work better when I connect it to a game port on my A/V receiver. I hope the new one works better. Fingers crossed. And thanks very much for your help.
  2. friendlyphil

    Downloaded Programs not working well

    There is no "system" button on my fire stick. I have: Notifications, Network, Display & Sounds, Applications, Controllers & Bluetooth devices, Alexa, Preferences, Device, Accessibility, Help, My Account. Under none of those selections can I find a "system" or any option that will allow me to access or change my settings. It just ain't there.
  3. friendlyphil

    Downloaded Programs not working well

    Those directions must apply to older fire sticks. Mine does not have a "system" button and I cannot find anywhere that allows me to configure the settings.
  4. friendlyphil

    Downloaded Programs not working well

    I find I don't know how to change the DNS settings on the fire stick. Can you help me out?
  5. friendlyphil

    Downloaded Programs not working well

    I switched to an ethernet connection in the hope that it would eliminate the buffering problem. It has not. A fire stick can be hard wired with an adapter. It is approved by Amazon.
  6. My fire stick, OS:, home ver:, works fine on Amazon Prime content. But when using downloaded programs like Terrarium or Mobdro, or others, it works poorly. Usually, it constantly buffers, or something like bufferring. Signal is not a problem. I am connected via ethernet at about 87Mbps. How can I get it to perform better? I would appreciate any help.