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Found 1 result

  1. This all-in-one adapter is the easiest way to add Ethernet to the Amazon Fire TV Stick A little-known feature of the 2nd-generation Amazon Fire TV Stick, which Amazon has never advertised, is that it supports USB OTG by default. This allows you to connect much more than a power cord to the device’s micro USB port, like wired keyboards, mice, hubs, and external storage, but by far the most common use is to connect an Ethernet adapter in order to get a fast and stable internet connection to the Fire TV Stick. If all you want to do is connect the Fire TV Stick to Ethernet, this all-in-one Ethernet adapter by UGREEN is by far the easiest way to go. Even though the UGREEN Ethernet Adapter is labeled as an accessory for the Chromecast, I was tipped off that it works for the Fire TV Stick so I picked one up to see for my self. Sure enough, it works perfectly with the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick right out of the box without any configuration necessary. Just plug the micro USB end of the adapter into the Fire TV Stick, plug the full-sized USB end into the stock power adapter (or a USB port on your TV), connect an Ethernet cable, and the Fire TV Stick will automatically see and use the wired connection. It couldn’t be easier. The UGREEN Ethernet Adapter does also work with the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick, but the device will need to be rooted and configured to enable OTG. The Fire TV Stick fully recognizes the Ethernet adapter and displays it as a wired network connection within the device’s network settings. By default, the Fire TV Stick automatically assigns itself an IP address via DHCP, so you likely won’t need to configure any settings, but the ability to manually configure the connection is available if it’s necessary for your particular network. Disconnecting the Ethernet cable will automatically switch the Fire TV Stick to WiFi, which is the same way the Fire TV box handles the two types of network connections, so you can easily switch between wired and wireless internet if necessary. If you want the option to connect addition USB peripherals, you can, of course, use a separate OTG Cable, Ethernet Adapter, and USB hub instead, but if all you want is an Ethernet connection for your Fire TV Stick, it’s a much cleaner and easier setup to go with the UGREEN Ethernet Adapter. It’s currently available from Amazon. Thank You And Have A Great Day. The Mixdoctor Team Member of