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Found 4 results

  1. New Kodi website causing issues with ES File Explorer sideloading — Easy Fix Kodi just launched a completely redesigned website last night that is making things difficult for those trying to sideload Kodi onto an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick using ES File Explorer. The new modern Kodi site is making it difficult to download the Kodi APK using ES File Explorer’s rudimentary web browsing capabilities. Nate from the Kodi team asked me to look into the issue and post a solution if I find one, so here’s an explanation of what’s happening, as well as a very simple workaround. Before getting into things, it’s worth mentioning right of the bat that you can select the Kodi download link with the Downloader app just fine on Kodi’s new website, and it’s by far an easier way to navigate a website and download an APK on the Fire TV than ES File Explorer. The navigation menu on the Kodi site is still an issue, but just select the Android link lower on the home page to get to the download page and you’ll be installing Kodi in seconds. If you’re adamant in still using ES File Explorer, the issue lies with the app’s inability to recognize some links on the new Kodi site as valid links. There is a slight issue with Kodi’s navigation menu, but the real issue comes when you try to select the Android link on Kodi’s download page. ES File Explorer simply will not highlight the link for you to select it. The workaround is simple. Just as you would if you were using my Downloader app, ignore the navigation menu on Kodi’s site completely and scroll down to the “Android” link in the “Kodi runs on just about anything” section of the home page. Selecting that will take you to the download page. On the Kodi download page, scroll down past the “Choose your weapon” section, where you normally would select Android but currently cannot. Select the “here” link in the “Older Releases” section of the download page. Even though this area is meant to be a place to access older versions of Kodi, you can also download the latest version from here. So just select “android” then “arm” and pick the latest version of Kodi to download the APK. CHECK OUT OUR NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL BY CLICKING HERE ?The Mixdoctor ? Team Member of & Extreme Kodi Testing ( Check us out too ) You Can Now Follow Me On Twitter CHECK OUT OUR LATEST SITE Stream Help If We Or This Forum Has Helped You Please Consider Donating To Keep All Videos And Forums Up To Date And Active As The Server Costs Are Great Remember Click Around The Adverts As This Also Helps Pay For Server Costs Thank You And Have A Great Day ? KODI DISCLAIMER We are not connected to or in any other way affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation. The 3rd Party addons are not the property of and not supported by them. Third party addons will not receive any support in official Kodi channels, including the Kodi forums and various social networks
  2. Install ES File Explorer without a computer and install kodi Special thanks once again to @Tech Timeruuu for supplying this tutorial video below The Mixdoctor Moderator of Spartanpixel and Extreme Kodi Testing Check us out too you can now follow me on Twitter If we or this forum has helped you please consider donating to keep all videos and forums up to date and active as the server costs are great .. Remember click around the adverts as this also helps pay for server costs Thank you
  3. La forma más rápida/fácil de instalar Kodi en su Fire Stick / Fire TV sin un ordenador, funciona al 100% de las veces. Paso 1: Ir a SEARCH y escriba ES Explorer y verás a ES File Explorer Paso 2: Una vez instalado, haga clic en Favoritos en la esquina superior derecha y haga clic en ADD Paso 3: En el PATH entrar esta dirección http:\\\download ( Exactamente igual ) Paso 4: Nombrarlo o como se quiera. Paso 5: Click en ADD Paso 6: Desplazarse hacia abajo y busque Paso 7: La página de Kodi se iniciará y presiona hacia la derecha y hacia abajo, ahora aquí buscar ARM y haga clic en ARM una sola ves. Paso 8: Ahora ir todo el camino a la izquierda y luego hacia abajo a donde se ve SETTINGS ahora todo el camino a la derecha y haga clic en More ( tiene tres pequeños puntos ) Paso 9: Click en OPEN IN BROWSER Paso 10: Ahora asegúrese de que ES Downloader está seleccionada y haga clic en JUST ONCE Paso 11: Se comenzará a descargar la versión Kodi Ahora sólo tienes que abrir el archivo y haga clic en INSTALL. Los complementos de 3 ª parte no son propiedad de y no está soportado por ellos. Como siempre, por favor gusta este video y suscríbanse a mi canal para mantener trayéndole videos impresionantes. Pagina Official: Foro de Ayuda/Soporte: Mi otro canel de YouTube: Sigueme en twitter: Facebook:
  4. The Fastest/Easiest way to install Kodi in your Fire Stick or Fire Tv without a computer, works 100% of the time. Step 1: Go to search and type ES Explorer and ES File Explorer will come up Step 2: Once installed click on Favorites in the top right hand corner and click on ADD Step 3: On path enter this address http:\\\download ( Exactly like that ) Step 4: Name it or whatever you want. Step 5: Click on ADD Step 6: Scroll down and look for it Step 7: The Kodi page will start loading and you want to press to the RIGHT and down, now here look for ARM and click it 1 time. Step 8: Now go all the way to the LEFT and then DOWN to where you see SETTINGS and then all the way to the RIGHT and click on MORE ( it has three little dots ) Step 9: Click on OPEN IN BROWSER Step 10: Now make sure ES Downloader is selected and then click on JUST ONCE Step 11: It will start downloading your Kodi version Now just open file and click install.