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Found 2 results

  1. Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi Addon Users If you’re using Kodi with a device that has a keyboard, you might as well take advantage of the easy Kodi keyboard shortcuts that will certaintly make your Kodi experience feel more natural. You might not use all of them, but there are surely a few Kodi keyboard shortcusts that we expect you’ll find useful. We’ll now go ahead and list all of the Kodi keyboard shortcuts we think you should know about. Switch Between Full Screen and Windowed Mode Shortcut Key: \ Kodi launches in full screen mode by default, this shortcut will allow you to quickly switch between full screen and windowed mode as you please. Audio Delay Control Shortcut Key: A This shortcut will allow you to adjust the audio delay in order to make sure that it is sychronized with the video you’re watching, in the rare case that it is off sync. Fast Forward Shortcut Key: F Pretty straight forward, pressing it once will fast forward at 2x speed, pressing twice at 4x speed, and so on and so forth. You can also use the right arrow to fast forward in 30 second intervals. Play Shortcut Key: P Straight forward enough. Stop Shortcut Key: X It will stop playback. Rewind Shortcut Key: R Just press the key once to rewind at 2x speed, twice to rewind at 4x speed, and so on and so forth. You can also use the left arrow to rewind in 30 second intervals. Toggle Subtitles Shortcut Key: T Straight forward enough, as long as you already have subtitles enabled within your Kodi configuration. Return to Previous Menu or Home Screen Shortcut Key: Esc Just press this key to go back to a previous menu or return to the Kodi home screen at any point in time. Take a Screenshot Shortcut Key: Ctrl + S or Prt Sc Once you press it, a dialog will ask you where to save the screenshot to. Using the latter key will simply save the screenshot to your clipboard, ready to paste into the application of your choosing. Volume Up or Volume Down Shortcut Key: – (minus) or + (plus) Press whichever way you wish to go, raising or lowering audio volume. Shut Down Menu Shortcut Key: S Pressing this key will open the Kodi shut down menu so that you can choose to either shut down your system or exit Kodi. Pause / Play Shortcut Key: Space Bar Just press it to quickly pause or play whatever you’re watching. Zoom / Aspect Ratio Shortcut Key: Z Pressing this key will allow you to easily adjust the aspect ratio of any video, it will change the resolution with each press, allowing you to select the best possible quality playback setting. Congratulations! Now that you’re aware of these cool Kodi keyboard shortcuts, maybe you’ll stop accidently pressing the wrong keys on your keyboard while streaming using your favourite Kodi addons. Should you have any questions or comments, please visit our Discussion Forums which are there for that specific purpose. CHECK OUT OUR NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL BY CLICKING HERE Enjoy. ??HAPPY HOLIDAYS?? ?The Mixdoctor ? Team Member of & Extreme Kodi Testing ( Check us out too ) You Can Now Follow Me On Twitter CHECK OUT OUR LATEST SITE Stream Help If We Or This Forum Has Helped You Please Consider Donating To Keep All Videos And Forums Up To Date And Active As The Server Costs Are Great Remember Click Around The Adverts As This Also Helps Pay For Server Costs Thank You And Have A Great Day ? KODI DISCLAIMER We are not connected to or in any other way affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation. The 3rd Party addons are not the property of and not supported by them. Third party addons will not receive any support in official Kodi channels, including the Kodi forums and various social networks
  2. BritishDevil

    Keyboard/Mouse Combi recommended

    Hello guys and girls, This is my first post so sorry if in wrong place or been typed before, so please help a newbie out We have or most of us have Amazon TV Fire Stick What I do hate is the work that we have to fiddle about to type out something or get something added Does anyone know of a good easy to setup keyboard/mouse combi for use with the Amazon Fire Stick, as it does my head in Not bothered if it is on Amazon, (but would be helpful if it is..), If posting of links of such things are available it would be grateful TT ROCKS!! Anyone know how to send from pc to fire stick or chromecast, would be a definite bonus