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Found 1 result

  1. If You’re Running Kodi 17.2 or Below, Updating to 17.3 is Seriously Urgent We’re going to start off by saying: don’t shoot the messenger! The last thing we ever wanted to do is tell our users that they’ll have to upgrade twice in one week. This information is coming straight from the official Kodi developers, they’re highly recommending that everyone upgrade to the latest version. This update corrects major security flaws, and includes essential components were accidentally left out of the 17.2 release, which is why you’ll have to upgrade again even if you just upgraded to 17.2 this week. It also supports the newer type of HTTPS streams that don’t work in older versions of Kodi. Upgrading to the new Kodi 17.3 Krypton release should be fairly straightforward though, and won’t take longer than ten minutes if you follow these instructions carefully. Please note that this update is really not optional, it’s essential for reasons that we’ll explain in the next paragraph. Please don’t dismiss the need to upgrade, it’s for your own benefit, and free anyway! Earlier this week, security researchers discovered a critical security flaw within Kodi and other popular media players that could allow an attacker to gain full access to your system. And as we explained before, even if you don’t care about someone hacking your $35 Android box, you should realize that that box is actually a mini computer, and the things that a hacker could make it do could be very damaging and illegal. Furthermore, previous versions of Kodi (prior to Krypton) do not support the newer type of HTTPS streams that are now used by the majority of sites. This means that if you don’t upgrade, you’re going to slowly lose HD sources until the day comes when nothing works at all, not to mention the risk that you’ll be hacked, now that a huge security flaw in the older versions of Kodi has been publicized by mainstream media. We’ll now walk you through every step of the Kodi 17.3 Krypton upgrade. If you follow the instructions below carefully, upgrading should be super easy. Please note that these instructions describe the unofficial use of the Kodi media center. Before Proceeding Android Users: Those of you who are running older devices or cheap Android boxes might run into some trouble. Kodi 17.3 Krypton requires Android 5.0 or higher to run. If your device doesn’t support Android 5.0, you’ll need to buy a new Android TV box in order to continue to enjoy Kodi. Apple TV 2 Users: Even though the last two versions of Kodi didn’t support the Apple TV 2, the device still seemed to work alright. This will no longer be the case moving forward, without HTTPS or HD support it’ll be next to useless, it’s time to purchase a new Android TV box. United Kingdom Users: It will be necessary to disable certain router security settingsbefore continuing, we’d also highly recommend using a VPN Provider to circumvent site blocking. Thank You ? And Have A Great Day. The Mixdoctor Team Member of