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Found 2 results

  1. MEMBERS PLEASE POST IN CORRECT SECTIONS THANK YOU Hi All, As you know the staff on here come and help you all in their spare time and we all love helping you all , but when we have to take time out to move posts we are not helping our members. All members posting live streams of sporting events PLESE post in the sports section of our forum which is located at the bottom if you don't mind. Just try to remember to put your posts in the relevant sections then the staff and members who are knowledgeable on those sections will be able to help you out more quickly and saves time in us all reading every section to see if we have missed something. Thanks Everyone The Mixdoctor Moderator of Spartanpixel and Extreme Kodi Testing If we or this forum has helped you please consider donating to keep all videos and forums up to date and active as the server costs are great .. Remember click around the adverts as this also helps pay for server costs Thank you
  2. Tech Timeruuu

    Please read the rules

    There will be zero tolerance for bashing, bullying a member. Do not post any type of video in the forums ( You will get a warning and then eventually you will get banned if continue to do so ) No soliciting. Do not ask to purchase any services, we do not sell anything. No Pornography of any kind anywhere. Outside links should always be coded. Be nice to others and help your fellow member. Post your problem in the relevant sections of the forum so others can join in the discussion as well as other members that may be having the same problems can also follow. Please do NOT Hijack threads with different issues to the OP (original post)... if you have a different issue please create a new thread/topic. Also please read this post as well Rules might change without prior notice, it is up to you to keep checking this post.