Thanks to @Yummer and @Mixdoctor for this post   A Big HELLO to all our members on this marvelous World Wide Forum,    We are all here for help and support and obviously news about our hobby and interests and the Staff and Members are all here to share our expertise and knowledge when our members have problems and we all try to help and get you all up and running as quickly as possible.    The main problem with this is some of our members are not helping themselves. Yes, we understand if you got a problem you would like speedy results and answers but time after time we see the same questions like “Help pin wont work” or “Spartan wizard keeps asking me to log on” etc. In reply to questions like that we ask “what are you trying to install in on?” or “when do you get this error?” etc. Now you can obviously see that this is wasting time on your behalf and you are still stuck and having to reply with the relevant information, hence talking up more time to get you up and running when we want to get you running as soon as possible as thats what the forum is about.   So members please think when posting problems to be solved and take a quick look through this checklist below as the more information you can give us the quicker we can try to resolve your problems and get you up and running.   The very, very first thing to check is your ISP is not blocking you in any way, now you say well it did work last week but please remember ISP’s update numerous times a day so what may have worked last week may not work this week so you need to disable some settings to prevent this from happening. To stop your ISP blocking software please CLICK HERE (A BIG thanks to @Yummer) for this post. This post tells you how to adjust your settings on Various ISP’s and trust me it resolves at least 60% of problems. What are you trying to install? (Kodi, The Beast, Spartan Wizard etc ) What are you trying to install onto?  ( Device you are trying to update/get working ) Method of installing? ES File Explorer or File Manager etc. Let us know how far you are getting until you run into problems. The problem you are having and any error messages. Always try and give us a brief description and order of what you are doing until you get to the point where you are having your problem. Please do not post multiple posts on the same issue as it will get deleted and a warning will be issued NO troubleshooting in pm or by mail as it does not benefit others with the same issue     So a typical question “Help I can't install the Spartan wizard !” ( does not tell us a lot does it )    If it looks something like "Help I am trying to install The Spartan wizard from spartan site on my Fire Stick using File Manager and I keep getting an error saying the link cannot be resolved".   This straight away tells us what we need to know that you're using a Fire Stick and trying to install and download the Spartan Wizard from using the file manager hence we can now help you straight away without asking you what are you installing on etc saving you a lot of time and frustration and getting you going a lot quicker.   By the way my answer to the example problem above is item number 1 ( ISP Blocking ) as this can be caused by your ISP blocking software also make sure you type the link correctly   Anyway I hope this post explains that the more information you can give us the quicker the members and staff can get you up and running.   If I have missed anything out or anybody thinks something should be added to this post please leave a comment below.   Thanks for reading