Hi Everybody, If you got problems with the wizard please see the video in the link below. I have said this almost every day and thanks to @Tech Timeruuu he has now produced a video explaining what we have been saying for a while which is basically Are you using the correct credentials? i.e. the wizard credentials and not the credentials you use to sign onto the spartanpixel forum  PLEASE REMEMBER when registering DO NOT use any characters only use letters and numbers in your credentials. Get the updated build from the following sources and register at: http://thebeast1.com or http://thebeast2.com Use the following repos: http://thebeast1.com/repo or http://thebeast2.com/repo ALSO PLEASE REMEMBER only download the repo from the site you registered on i.e. if you use thebeast1 then only download the repo from thebeast1.com/repo   The Mixdoctor ? Team Member of forum.place & Extreme Kodi Testing ( Check us out too )    You Can Now Follow Me On Twitter https://twitter.com/Kodi_Mixdoctor
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