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Exodus was no longer syncing with my Trakt account, so in Exodus I removed the account (in add on settings, under accounts). I thought it might help if I removed it and then added it back. The problem is it will not let me add the account back. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling exodus several times and I still can't get it to work. I've also tried removing exodus from the synced apps on the Trakt website, and that did nothing. Any ideas? I'm running Kodi 17.3 on a firestick if that maters.

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    • By bradpalamila
      Hey, I want to use Exodus on my Kodi,  can you please suggest vpn services which would be good to use in the USA I would like to know it from real experience rather than ads. Thank you. 
    • By amberd8807
      So fairly new to kodi. I have the Amazon firestick with the alexa remote and the newest beast build downloaded. I am wanting to add more add ons for live tv and also movies. I had a previous firestick with jarvis and old beast build but no longer have it. I had alot more options to choose from like exodus among others. I was wondering if some of those are still working? if so how do i get them?
    • By Mixdoctor
      Are you having issues with Kodi wrong episode playing when trying to watch a TV show in add-ons such as Exodus? Click here for  information and help on how to fix this problem!
      Lately, we’ve have an increase in users reporting Kodi wrong episode playing when trying to watch TV shows. We’ve investigated the issue and we have some information on how to help you out!
      First off, If you are reading this because you cannot see all of the episodes from a TV show, this post is not for that issue. In order to make sure you receive all episodes from each show, make sure your Android date and time is set properly.
      This issue of Kodi wrong episode playing is not the fault of Exodus or any other Kodi add-ons. These add-ons simply scrape streaming websites for links and it resolves them to present you with a nice list to pick and play from. If you get the wrong episode, this means that the episode is labelled or is being returned incorrectly by the resolver.
        How to Fix the Kodi Wrong Episode Playing Error
      Try a different stream host – Pay attention to which stream host (e.g. YMovies or Primewire) and make sure you choose a completely different option. Per Twitter, do not pick Torba, YMovies, or  MoviesHD files. These sites appear to contain most of the incorrect episodes being returned. Clear Providers & Cache – From the Exodus main menu, navigate to the Tools menu, then click on both Clear Providers and Clear Cache. This will ensure that Exodus is pulling fresh links when you search and not loading a file stored in your add-on’s cache. Try an add-on with direct links – Add-ons like Exodus and SALTs are simply search engines that scrape the internet for streams. Different add-ons provide direct links to TV Shows and don’t need to search and resolve links. These add-ons are guaranteed to show the right episodes. We’ve included links to some install guides to help you out below Phoenix (Incredible TV) UK Turks Playlist (TV Shows) If you have any more tips or tricks to fix the Kodi wrong episode playing issue, let us know in the comments below so that we can help other users out!
    • By Lakis
         I was using Kodi 16 for a while but recently I thought it is a good idea to install Kodi 17.3.  So I have installed Kodi 17.3 and I used smash repo to download correctly Exodus! I didn't have any problems while I was using Kodi 16 but since I downloaded Kodi 17.3 I realiszed some strange and annoying interactions:
      1) I am using Viber for Desktop Computers, and every time I get a message at viber while I am watching series, kodi freezes! By the way, after of some search I found out that the notification message is responsible for that, no the sound!
      2)  So I disabled the notifications for messages ( but I found another problem. When I change screen (using alt + tab) kodi pauses, and it doesn't play at the background, but some times I need it to play at the background because I may listen the series' action while I am doing something else!
      3) The last one is that also when I change screen while I am watching series, and the come back to kodi, the audio resume but the screen stays black for a while!
      // I am sorry about my english

      I would appreciate any help! 
      Thank you in advance!
    • By Mixdoctor
      Covenant (the new Exodus moving forward)
      Is In The New Colossus repo

      Hi everyone,
      Just a quick note before you read on :- As this is a brand new repo and a brand new site I have noticed a few (more than expected) problems on the web page from where I sourced this latest news about Exodus and other Addons. Now I am posting this for News only as our team are yet to check this out, so install at your own risk as at the moment we can not verify that all is working as it should. Hopefully this team will grow and grow as reading between the lines they would like to carry on from where TVaddons left us. So lets keep an eye on these guys and see where they go forward in our world of Kodi. Anyway read below the information I have found and please if you give this repo a try let us know in the comments below and tell us what you think.
      The Colossus repo is the new OFFICIAL home of some of the most popular Kodi addons available on the internet today.
      Find out which addons have joined.
      Following a little over a month of uncertainty, a group of Kodi addons have joined together to form the Colossus Kodi Repo (also called Colossal). Unlike other repositories, such as Smash, who were providing links to unmaintained Kodi addons as-is, the Colossus Kodi repo contains live developed addons.
      Included in the Colossus Repo are addons such as:
      Fear of the Dark Covenant (the new Exodus moving forward) Dr. Stream Football Today Made in Canada Movie Dude Ororo Tinklepad and much more! Fans of Exodus should be aware that “Exodus” will not receive any updates and in order to continue receiving quality updates, you should install Covenant today.
       Interested in getting the Colossus Kodi repo? Check out our install guide below. How to Install Colossus Kodi Repo (Colossal) (Jarvis, Krypton, Leia)
      ON Kodi 17 Krypton & 18 Leia Only: From the main menu, navigate to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons > Turn On Unknown Sources > Click Yes.
        From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None Type the following EXACTLY and select Done Highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media Source like “colossus”. and then click OK Go back to your home screen. ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser  ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons Select Install from Zip File > “colossus” > and wait for the Add-on enabled notification That’s it! If you head into Install From Repository and choose the Colossal Repository, you will be able to install all of the addons included in the repo.
      you can find the Colossus website by clicking HERE
      Thank You  And Have A Great Day. 
      The Mixdoctor Team Member of 
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